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Newsom Unleashed: The Progressive Lust for Unbridled Power


Journalist Ellie Gardey Holmes is about to unmask the real Gavin Newsom.

Gavin Newsom has been a force in California politics since the 1990s, having acquired power through the machinations of his family and friends. As mayor of San Francisco, his Hollywood mystique and historic progressive policies meant that he could do no wrong—even when he was caught having an affair with his secretary, who also happened to be his friend’s wife. Eventually, however, Newsom’s brazen pursuit of power caused even the Left to sour on him, forcing him into the purgatory that was the lieutenant governor’s office.

But suave, cocky, and unrelenting, Newsom soon claimed the governorship, where he was free to insert woke policies into every aspect of Californians’ lives. With Jennifer Siebel Newsom, his glamorous but scandal-ridden “first partner,” at his side, Newsom has pushed California leftward into a dirtier and more dangerous version of itself—and positioned himself for his ultimate goal: the White House.

This account probes Newsom’s life and influence, addressing the homelessness crisis, COVID lockdowns, the recall, the education wars, and his combative relationships with Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump, while also shedding new light on issues like his relationship with a teenager as mayor, his New Age wedding, and his financial scandals. As a result, the real Gavin Newsom is uncovered—the one behind the veil of media adoration.