Naked Money Meetings: Ending Money Fights with Your Partner Forever


Naked Money Meetings gets to the root of those financial fights, teaching you how your money obstacles can manifest as blocks in connection and intimacy with your partner, and how to fix it!

Your money fights are never really about the money. Erin Skye Kelly breaks down what is happening underneath those financial feuds with your partner so you can work together to build the life you envisioned when you committed to each other.

In this book, you’ll learn:
– What your own specific money blocks are and why they are preventing you from maximizing your wealth
– What your partner’s money blocks are and how they drive your partner’s financial habits
– How your blocks intersect and what you are actually fighting about (hint: it isn’t about the money)
– Effective cash flow techniques to help you properly communicate about money and rapidly increase your wealth
– How your lack of communication about money is affecting you in the bedroom and beyond

The follow-up book to Get the Hell Out of DebtNaked Money Meetings was written in honor of the thousands of couples Erin has worked with who have paid off millions of dollars in debt. After enough couples said, “Erin’s work is better than sex therapy!” she decided to bare it all for you.