My Real-Life Rom-Com: How to Build Confidence and Write Your Own Relationship Rules


A guide through the ups and downs of teen love, intimacy, and coming of age in a social media–infused world.

Navigating dating as a teen is tough. My Real-Life Rom-Com tells it like it is. Written by twenty-year-old TikTok star and journalist Carrie Berk, this book is a resource you can turn to for any and all questions and concerns about coming-of-age love and heartbreak. Carrie shares her dating adventures (and misadventures) to help you discover more about yourself and the relationship you deserve.

How do you meet someone in a post-pandemic world? Are dating apps a good idea? When do you know if you’re really ready for sex? My Real-Life Rom-Com is filled with helpful information on everything from first kisses to devastating breakups. What if you develop a crush on your best friend’s ex? Or you’re catching feelings for an older guy? Carrie has been there, done that.

This book is packed with humor and advice that takes the edge off uncomfortable conversations. Prepare to laugh at dozens of dating disasters experienced during middle and high school. Like the date who had a fly stuck in his tooth. Or the guy who had his mommy send a breakup text.

Through Carrie’s unflinchingly honest stories, you’ll learn how to get over your first breakup; understand the art of the “situationship;” make smart, not impulsive decisions; and ultimately love yourself before loving someone else.

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“She beautifully captures the bravado and uncertainty involved in online bantering and the often jarring IRL meetups that follow. Some of Berk’s “hookup” anecdotes are quite amusing (such as her dealing with a chin-biter in “The Vampire”), but she also offers a wealth of serious insights and guidance worth heeding. An entertaining and enlightening account of coming of age as a Gen Z digital native.”

—Kirkus Review

“One of the most anticipated Young Adult books of 2023…[Carrie]
imparts tried-and-true wisdom on how to build confidence and how to
nurture the most important relationship in your life: the one with
yourself.” —