MORE! – The Microdose Diet: The Ninety-Day Plan for More Success, Passion, and Happiness


Microdose psychedelics safely and strategically to reach your goals. MORE! – The Microdose Diet is your 90-day plan to uplevel your life.

Who wouldn’t want MORE out of their life? More success, more money, more happiness, more passion. For most of us, though, this MORE is elusive. No matter how hard you’ve tried, you never seem to get there; there is always something missing.

That doesn’t have to be the case anymore. MORE! — The Microdose Diet gives you a step-by-step 90-day plan to reclaim your power and your life. By using alternative medicines such as microdosing psychedelics, tapping, visualization, and journaling, you will feel MORE alive than ever before, aligned with the level of success, passion, and happiness you deserve but have never been able to obtain or sustain.

This tried-and-true program is fast and easy to implement—and more importantly, it works. After experiencing great transformation herself thanks to The Microdose Diet protocol, Peggy Van de Plassche decided to share her knowledge with a global audience.

You too can reclaim the life and success you deserve by fully expanding your wings and finally achieving your potential.