More Than a Doll: How Creating a Sports Doll Turned into a Fight to End Gender Stereotypes


Can gender stereotypes in childhood be more destructive than our culture perceives and stand in the way of gender equality?

When Jodi Bondi Norgaard, an experienced entrepreneur, attempted to shake-up the toy industry with a sports doll that appeals to today’s more athletic, adventurous girls, she came to realize the roadblocks to success weren’t only reluctant toy buyers, but a patriarchal culture that perpetuates gender roles and sexism. More Than a Doll is about her mission to break gender stereotypes and challenge the status quo.

Through illuminating testimonials, data, research, interviews, and cultural observations, readers will come away with clear examples of the dangers of early gender stereotyping and how we continue to fail to see the harm.

After all: “It’s just a toy.” “It’s just a t-shirt.” “It’s just a show.”

Bondi Norgaard is sounding the siren that gender inequality doesn’t begin in our teens, it begins the moment a child can hold a toy or book or watch a screen. The programing starts early, and the impact is lifelong.