Mastering the Metal: The Story of James Watson and Eddie Bravo

By Zack Moore, James Watson, Eddie Bravo

Over the last two decades, Eddie Bravo has been at the forefront of revolutions we’ve seen in the arts of fighting, comedy, and podcasting. But he wasn’t alone in his journey.

For just over a decade, James Watson and Eddie Bravo were inseparable: musical partners, work colleagues, roommates, and best friends. From metal to rap, our protagonists worked to master the art of music together.

Through the story of these past experiences in the pursuit of musical mastery, the reader will get to intimately understand Eddie Bravo and see how those experiences in his youth spent in music made him the man and martial artist he is today. Through the narration of our author, we get the complete picture of the private man behind the Eddie Bravo public persona.

“Eddie is an example of an ordinary grappler who became an extraordinary grappler, an ordinary professor who became an extraordinary professor. That’s what Jiu Jitsu did to him and now he’s doing it to the world. One of the best I’ve ever created.” —Professor Jean Jacques Machado