Mastering the Basics: Simple Lessons for Achieving Success in Business


Do you ever feel pressured to learn the latest strategies just to stay ahead of your peers? Are there times when you feel intimidated by colleagues with fancy titles or advanced degrees who don’t shy away from sharing their opinions? We can all fall into the trap of getting caught up in a competitive and stressful work environment and the result can negatively impact our confidence and ability to maximize our potential. Based on business lessons and techniques that Dean Karrel learned throughout his career this book reveals that common sense, integrity, character, and the importance of self-confidence are the critical cornerstones of being successful and fulfilled in business. Being yourself, working to the best of your ability, and mastering the basics is what can set you apart from the rest!

Just a few of the nearly two hundred topics covered include:

  • Learning social and soft skills
  • The value of emotional intelligence
  • The importance of planning and preparation
  • Working for a micromanager
  • Keeping things simple and avoiding distractions
  • Vulnerability is a positive quality
  • Prioritizing and focusing on what really matters
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid you don’t know something