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Lost and Found: The Journey through My Son’s Mental Illness


Three generations of mental illness are uncovered as a mother simultaneously searches for her missing bipolar son. Her journey reveals a world of stigma and bias—against her son, against her, and against her family’s mental illnesses.

Bias is rampant in mental illness. When Linda Denke’s bipolar son went missing, her journey to find him uncovered systematic prejudices and impenetrable barriers, which threatened to separate them and thwart her son’s recovery.

Lost and Found captures a painful, yet remarkable, story of courage, fortitude, faith, and resilience. Linda’s insights into mental illness and societal discrimination during her son’s break from reality—his hospitalizations, homelessness, and ultimately, his return to practicing law—not to mention her overwhelming fears as a parent, ensure that this is a story you will not soon forget. Linda’s incredible true story will keep you turning until the very last page.

Lost and Found illuminates the stark reality of society’s misconceptions toward people we love with mental illness, while also providing the force behind stigma-free healthcare for those who find themselves facing mental illness.