Living Spiritually in the Material World: The Lost Wisdom for Finding Inner Peace, Satisfaction, and Lasting Enthusiasm in Earthly Pursuits


You are holding a Christian self-help book based on the teaching of America’s early college presidents who—from the founding of Harvard in 1636 until the early twentieth century—inspired the most optimistic, prosperous, and generous society in history.

For almost three hundred years, almost every American college was run by a Christian minister.  Although these presidents represented a wide variety of denominations, they collectively developed an enormously popular student seminar on how to find spiritual satisfaction in the larger world beyond home and church—a discipline that eventually inspired the entire country through a series of bestselling books. The late nineteenth century saw the first wave of women college presidents who, although not ordained ministers, became equally passionate advocates for this transformative spiritual program. Combining historical research with the insights of modern psychology and his own experience as therapist and teacher, Dr. Andrews makes the insights of the early college president assessible to the millions of today’s Christians seeking to extend the comforts of faith into all their worldly activities.