Little Voices: How Kids in Spirit Helped a Reluctant Medium Escape and Heal from Abuse


Never in a million years did Kiersten Parsons Hathcock—a Shark Tank–winning entrepreneur with an internationally known furniture company—think she would suddenly start channeling children in spirit at the age of thirty-six. She never expected that, while she was helping them reveal the secrets of their deaths, they would help her see dark and painful secrets buried in her own psyche.

“Kiersten’s story teaches us that narcissistic abuse and coercive and controlling relationships scramble even the deepest metaphysical intuition…by telling her first-person story in a vulnerable and raw way, Kiersten reminds us that narcissistic and abusive relationships have a unique architecture, and represent a gradual process of grooming, gaslighting, and indoctrination.” —Dr. Ramani Durvasula, Narcissism Expert, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Bestselling Author

“If you’re wondering if intuition is real and if it can save your life, this book is for you.” —Stephanie Arnold, Bestselling Author of 37 Seconds: Dying Revealed Heaven’s Help—A Mother’s Journey and star of Netflix’s Surviving Death docuseries

Little Voices is a life-changing book! Not only will it make even the biggest skeptic believe in intuition, but it will also connect the dots for millions of abuse survivors.” —Kelli Ellis, Celebrity Designer, Artist, and Author | HGTV | BRAVO TV | TLC | TDN

As a skeptic and firm believer in science, Kiersten struggled with her newfound intuitive skills and the reason they were coming to light. She powered through fear to reach out to strangers and law enforcement with the messages she received. After receiving validation that what she was experiencing was real, helping families and law enforcement became a mission. It had to be—the kids were coming to her for help. One question remained: Why was this happening to her? And the answer was startling. The children were coming to help Kiersten as much as she was helping them. Before she could understand that, though, this happily married mother would have to stumble down a destructive path under a spell cast by a narcissistically abusive predator to learn to trust and use intuition to heal her childhood trauma—and escape a dangerous man she thought she loved.

While Kiersten’s late-in-life mediumship ability is extraordinary, the wounds she’d buried that led her on a toxic path is a story many can relate to. Little Voices vividly inspires everyone to explore their own patterns, uncover their hidden pain, and trust their intuition in order to rise from the ashes.