Killers Amidst Killers: Hunting Serial Killers Operating Under the Cloak of America’s Opioid Epidemic


Investigative Journalist Billy Jensen searches for suspected serial killers operating under the cover of the opioid epidemic in America’s heartland.

After the disappearance and subsequent murder of two best friends, Billy Jensen discovers a pattern: dozens of women from a small area have gone missing or were murdered, and almost each of them had been introduced to opioid pills, then heroin—often by a man in their lives—and then forced onto the streets, where a new type of serial killer possibly preyed on them.

Jensen journeys to alleyways, drug dens, desolate fields, police precincts, and courtrooms, and then looks at the drug companies who knowingly distributed billions of incredibly addictive pills and the police departments who failed to devote sufficient resources to find justice. He uncovers a system that not only has cracks in it but is designed to fail the most vulnerable.

Killers Amidst Killers is essential reading for anyone who seeks to understand what’s happening on the streets where every day women are lost while the world looks the other way