Kian and Me: Gifts from a Grandson

By Dr. George Selleck, Rick Wolff

Part musing memoir, part grandparent guidebook, written in the form of letters to an almost two-year-old grandson, Kian and Me shares the many insights and gifts children have to give.

Written in the epistolary form, Dr. Selleck illustrates the gratification and wisdom his grandson, Kian, has given him—from his time as an infant through now, as a toddler. In this series of letters, he writes openly of his own life struggles as well as the joy and gratitude he’s experienced watching Kian embrace all that this world has to offer. Each letter highlights the friendship between grandfather and grandson while offering gentle and poignant ways for readers to reflect on how they might become better versions of themselves.

Dr. Selleck is more than an involved grandparent—he’s a dedicated supporter of youth outreach and an award-winning advocate for young people. As Dr. Selleck has tried to do in all aspects of his long and successful career, these letters show others how to empower youth—this time by sharing the challenges he has faced in his own life, the knowledge he’s gained as an athlete and coach, and mostly, the wisdom and gifts of an inquisitive toddler.