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Keeping the Home Fires Burning: A Woman’s Guide to Giving and Receiving Pleasure


An easy-to-understand guide for the contemporary adult woman who wants to up her game and become more loving, sensuous, and intimate as she gives and receives pleasure.

Ella Patterson is ready to show women how to make their relationships successful—whether they have been married for years or are absolute newcomers. Keeping the Home Fires Burning is direct, accessible, practical, and helpful for women who want to accept and take responsibility for their sexual happiness.

A woman will learn:

• Hundreds of tips, techniques, and treats that nurture her mind, body, and spirit.
• Secrets that help her become more sensuous, sexy, and loving.
• Pointers about how to get in tune with her sexual needs.
• To enhance her sexual self-esteem, and attitude for a caring and loving union.
• To accept love, give love, and believe that love is her friend.

A woman should… Read it. Believe it. Do it.