Regalo Press

Keep Living


As long as you’re alive and breathing, you have a say in what direction your life will take. Just keep living. 

After seven years of marriage, multiple miscarriages, and three beautiful children, Loreal’s life changed in an instant when she found out that her husband, her first and only love, had a secret. At first, they embraced an untraditional solution, separating romantically but choosing to live in the same house to continue raising their children together. But ultimately, at thirty-two, Loreal would need to start over in life, find herself, and pave her own way forward. Loreal used to make decisions based on internal fear and arbitrary timelines—until life started making decisions for her. In her inspirational memoir, she decides to step up and start taking control of her own destiny. Choosing to look back and learn from her past, with new insight, Loreal draws from the wisdom of her grandmother and her own personal journey to embolden readers to take control of their futures and turn change into fuel for self-discovery. By remembering her grandmother’s phrase, “keep living,” she realizes that no matter what your past looks like, you are responsible for your own future.