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Jimmy Dunne Says: 47 Short Stories That Are Sure to Make You Laugh, Cry—and Think


Jimmy Dunne is America’s new positive, inspiring voice—reminding us all of the absolute wonder right in our own backyards.

Jimmy Dunne Says is a collection of author Jimmy Dunne’s best bite-sized stories that Americans everywhere are spreading and sharing.  These stories are heartfelt, smart, and thought-provoking, and some will have you absolutely belly-laughing.

Some stories about navigating everyday life today, some that take you right back to your childhood days.

You’ll see why stories such as Downsizing virally swept the country—about discovering that one thing you didn’t know you had… “enough.”  Or stories that will have you laughing out loud taking you back to your first dates, stories about the art of being a father… essays that you’ll be sharing with your family and friends.

One thing is for sure.  They’ll remind you how truly blessed you are—to be alive right now, with so much possibility knocking on your amazing door.