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Jewish Priorities: Sixty-Five Proposals for the Future of Our People


An unprecedented, largescale collection of timely and provocative essays from a wide range of Jewish thought leaders that aims to start a global conversation among Jews about their future as a people.

“…a mindexpanding look at how Judaism can survive and thrive in the 21st century.” Publishers Weekly Star Review

Imagine having the entire Jewish people over for dinnerand hosting a raucous, creative, riveting debate about their collective future. Jewish Priorities offers, for the first time, a wideranging, ambitious, and genuinely “panJewish” conversation. Encompassing more than sixty top authors from around the Jewish worldIsraelis and Diaspora writers; younger influencers and veteran opinion leaders; rabbinic and communal leaders, journalists and scholars, and literary and cultural figures, ranging from secular to ultraOrthodoxeach contributor offers a different priority for the Jewish people. In the process, Jewish Priorities captures the tremendous breadth, depth, and passionate commitment that has long defined this unique community in history.

These essays are all original and come from some of our greatest luminariesthought leaders like Natan Sharansky, Dara Horn, Yossi Klein Halevi, Ruth Wisse, Shaul Magid, David Wolpe, Fania OzSalzberger, and many more. Their topics vary widely, from Zionism and antisemitism to education and philanthropy; from the Holocaust to Jewish intimacy; from the quest for God to the failure of Jewish institutions, to the best way to study the Torah in an age of viral videos.

Jewish Priorities offers an unprecedented snapshot of the cultural, political, and religious currents driving an entire generation of Jewsbut also the deepest aspirations and dreams of this beautiful, unique people at a pivotal moment in our history.