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Israel Victory: How Zionists Win Acceptance and Palestinians Get Liberated

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The Palestinian-Israeli conflict will come to an acceptable conclusion only with a Palestinian sense of defeat.

A leading historian applies his deep understanding of the Middle East to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict—the most intractable, emotive clash of the past century.

Daniel Pipes argues that this long struggle pits two unique and doomed mentalities that exist outside of normal politics against each other, making it so difficult to comprehend.

One mentality consists of rejectionism, or the Palestinians’ negation of Jews, Judaism, Zionism, and Israel. Rejectionism accounts for their enduring goal of genocide, their refusal to take yes for an answer, their unwillingness to seek improved living circumstances, and their determination to defame the Jewish state.

The other mentality consists of conciliation, or the Zionists’ attempt to win Palestinian acceptance not by defeating their enemy, but by enriching and placating it. Pipes argues against this anomalous Zionist approach, advocating instead the traditional method of ending a war— through victory: Palestinians give up, Israel wins.

In a brilliant essay that brings surprisingly fresh insights and original policy recommendations to a well-worn topic, Pipes draws lessons from past “peace process” failures, delves into the universal nature of defeat and victory, and offers practical advice on how Israel can win: through minimal violence and maximal messaging.

Both sides need an Israel Victory to break with the static pull of outdated mentalities. For Israel, it means acceptance, especially among Muslims and on the global Left. For the Palestinians, Israel Victory means liberation from a destructive obsession, enabling them finally to build a polity, economy, society, and culture worthy of their skills and ambitions.