Inside the Reagan White House: A Front-Row Seat to Presidential Leadership with Lessons for Today


An inside look at the most successful president of modern times.

What makes a good White House memoir? The right mix of personal stories, insight on the president, discussion of policy and historical events, and crazy, colorful anecdotes that capture the reader’s attention.

Inside the Reagan White House has all this—plus a vivid take on the Reagan assassination attempt, , Gorbachev and the Reykjavik summit, Ollie North and the Contras, , the 1988 Bush-Dukakis contest—and other critical moments of that era.

Original insight on Ronald Reagan, as well as discussions of cabinet members and others, are interspersed with personal anecdotes, off-hand comments, and unique family details that historians and general readers will love.

On the colorful side, the action moves from movie stars to Soviet spies to (literal) knife fights, neo-Nazis, plain old Nazis, intimate affairs, fights on planes, and con men chased by INTERPOL.

And at the heart of the story are the thousands of dedicated, patriotic Americans who helped Ronald Reagan as he worked to push back against the Soviet Union, promote democracy, improve trade, lower taxes, and reduce the size and scope of government.