Have Laptop Will Travel: Memoirs of a Digital Nomad


Readers are calling this the male version of Eat Pray Love! Phil goes digital nomad for a year-long odyssey, traveling to 12 cities in 12 months on 4 continents. What these cities are “really like” will make you laugh, think, learn, and even cringe a little. The author’s personal journey of self-discovery, love & escapades adds up to a year of life-changing experiences: what’s personal is universal.

This popular travelogue shot to number two status on the Wall Street Journal’s best-seller list, gained best-seller status on USA Today, and was number one in several countries on the Amazon best-seller list.

More than a bucket list on steroids, this memoir reveals tales of food, wine, romance, and life in far off lands. Phil aims to inspire readers to pursue their own dreams and aspirations through the joy of travel—to truly live their own CAPE Life: Celebratory, Adventurous, Purposeful, and Extraordinary.

Chang Mai, THAILAND – “Let me tell you about the time I saved Victor’s life.”

Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA – “All seemed as it should … but nothing prepared me for what happened next. I was about to doze off into Phil-land when I heard and felt a loud explosion. It sounded like a bomb. I knew something was very wrong.”

Cordova, ARGENTINA – “As I stepped off the curb to cross the street, a huge bonfire was lit right in front of me … in the middle of the street! The flames nearly exploded as the protesters fueled it with more gasoline. My cheeks felt like they were burning, and I’m surprised my eyebrows didn’t get singed from my front row view. This is the kind of thing you only see on the nightly news, and there I was in the middle of it all.”

Lima, PERU – “I was far, far away. But there, right next to me, was my dead body. I couldn’t look away. It was as if my ability to move my eyeballs was disabled. I could hear familiar, distant spirit voices asking me if I wanted to be buried in a coffin or cremated. I couldn’t tell them. I was already dead.”

Mexico City MEXICO – “Phil Phact: The signature feature of the Mexican culture is the desire to please people.”

From indulging on fine vegan foods, romancing various suiters, excursions to remote locations, cultural indoctrinations, antique treasure-hunting, political science lessons, metropolis explorations, art and architectural descriptions, inspirational facts, mentoring others universally about the benefits of good nutrition and healthy lifestyles, raising money for animal rights organization in Croatia to teaching Thai women and children at a shelter how to grow their own food, the book is fun-filled, informative, and most provocative.

All this, while weaving a golden thread from page to page: Living from the compassionate and generous heart surpasses all personal pettiness and cultural strife.

As a storyteller, Nicozisis excels at the relatable anecdote to contextualize that core theme. He proves himself a master at speaking many an earnest word in jest. Remember to live your CAPE Life: Celebratory, Adventurous, Purposeful, and Extraordinary.

This second edition has been comprehensively revised, updated, and expanded, and includes a variety of additional photos. Newly brimful and fresh, an extended version to take this modern-day odyssey to the next level of sophistication, fascination—and a happy ending!

Have Laptop, Will Travel!