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Half-Retire: Keep Your Business, Ditch the Stress


Don’t sell your business. Half-Retire!

Entrepreneur and business coach Jim Muehlhausen has turned his attention to the problems facing experienced business owners. Ten years ago, business owners turning sixty-five were not selling their businesses and retiring. As Jim researched the issues, he found that owners:

1) Simply could not afford to sell the company.

2) Wanted to stay active.

3) Wanted to maintain the business for the employees.

By studying thousands of business owners, Jim saw a select few that had shifted from “working income” to “equity income.” Owners earned money by owning the business, not working in it. By collecting their best practices and augmenting them, Jim created the Half-Retire Blueprint. This step-by-step process helps business owners like you create a profitable alternative to selling your business via Half-Retirement, allowing you to shift your focus and find your balance.

“I’ve worked in the exit community for decades and have seen business owners struggle to sell their business for enough to retire comfortably. Half-Retirement is a great solution to help business owners enjoy life and increase wealth.”—Bill Black, Host of Exit Coach Radio

“Thank you for your time, attention, and expertise Jim. I’m greatly looking forward to where the journey is going to take me. I’ve never heard the paradox of delegation explained so succinctly—and I realize that I’ve always been my own greatest obstacle.” —John Donlon, GoldCoast Mortgage