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Golf Proverbs: Golf Metaphors for Faith, Family, and Business


Golf Proverbs is a book of daily spiritual metaphors about golf and life. Written by a brilliant businessman and the founder of MINT dentistry, Dr. Field Harrison combines his passion for the game of golf with his love for business, family, faith, and Jesus in short one-liner life lessons full of wisdom, wit, and inspiration.

Jesus often spoke in parables to His followers. In fact, the Bible itself frequently uses allegories meant to touch the soul, while challenging the intellect. Golf Proverbs is full of wisdom, wit, and life lessons that Dr. Field Harrison has learned while studying for dental school, building a large business, becoming a husband and father, and learning to follow Jesus. While this book may speak to the mind about golf, it’s about so much more. As you read, look for the hidden meanings—not the obvious ones.