Girl to Boss!: Advice for Girls from 50 of America’s Most Successful Women


Fifty women. Fifty inspiring stories. Fifty role models for America’s girls!

Spies. Venture capitalists. Pilots and Pulitzer Prize winners. Doctors and diplomats. Economists and engineers. Scientists and CEOs. Teachers. Software developers. Video game makers. And so many more!

In this amazing book—based on dozens of interviews—fifty of America’s most successful women, some famous, some not, reveal their tips on how they made it. How they blazed their own trail. How they learned along the way. How they dealt with setbacks and defied the naysayers.

Written for girls ages nine and up—girls who will soon enter what is a rapidly evolving economy and a rapidly evolving workforce—Girl to Boss! will inspire, entertain, and inform the next generation of leaders and achievers!