Gigatrends: Six Trends Shaping the Future of Billions

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Gigatrends offers a roadmap for navigating six of the most disruptive trends shaping the future.

Humanity stands at the precipice of a remarkable new era in global history filled with both immense opportunities and daunting challenges.

Gigatrends examines how six disruptive trends can be harnessed to create new social, economic, and organizational solutions that will usher in the promise of a humancentered future for billions of people.

But moving forward won’t be easy. Gigatrends will disrupt nearly every existing socioeconomic system built over the past three hundred years. Navigating these seismic shifts will require a new
of skills, frameworks, and tools to help us move forward.

Gigatrends will provide you with the insights to:
Understand how each of the six Gigatrends will shape your future
Predict how digital workers and AI will reshape the workforce
Create new social, economic, and organizational global ecosystems
Navigate the seismic shifts of a rapidly changing and uncertain world
Achieve a humancentered future that works for all of humanity
Recognize how digital identity will create a new era of prosperity

The world is at an inflection point. It’s time to understand and embrace the revolutionary power of Gigatrends to shape a future thats filled with hope and opportunity for all of humanity.