From Me to You: Stories about Life, Love, Family, Faith, and How to Negotiate a Bigger Allowance


A father creates a remarkable coming-of-age gift for his daughter: stories of love, wisdom, and family that have guided his path through life as she prepares to embark on her own.

How does a father tell his child how to live a meaningful life?

How does father tell his child how to avoid the mistakes he made?

How does a father tell his child how much he loves her?

The answers are here, in From Me to You, for the author’s daughter, Mackenzie, to discover when she turns 18. From generation to generation—and full of humor and heart—Norm Aladjem’s gift to Mackenzie is the wisdom of his years.

* * * * *

Norm Aladjem is a successful Hollywood talent manager and producer. As an immigrant child from Uruguay, he started with nothing but the support of his principled and hard-working family, and a strong desire to make something of himself.

When his youngest daughter, Mackenzie, turned eleven, Norm wanted to share some of his well-earned life lessons with her and to share some of their family history. But eleven-year-old little girls aren’t always ready to hear what their fathers have to say. Instead, he wrote her letters, one each week for a year, as a memoir that they could one day savor together when she was ready.

He shares powerful stories from his life and hers, lessons he learned, mistakes he made. He warns her of pitfalls and of people to avoid. He tells her how to ask for help when she needs it, and how to help when she recognizes that need in others. He tells her how to spot a business scam, how to negotiate for herself and others, how to navigate difficult times, and how to find both faith and purpose in life. He passes down some family lore about how he met her mother, about the day she was born, about her grandparents, about her great-grandparents, and more.

And in every letter, he tells her how much he loves her.

Norm is now ready to share this book with Mackenzie—and with the world.