Freedom Is The Foundation: How We Are Defeating Progressive Tyranny by Taking on the Government Unions


How the Freedom Foundation is defeating woke crazies, teachers’ unions, and progressive tyranny by taking on government unions. 

“The Freedom Foundation is figuratively and literally writing the book on how to defeat government unions in America.” —Mike Huckabee, Former Governor of Arkansas


“Aaron Withe and his team at the Freedom Foundation are doing work that I wish could have been done in Britain decades ago. If America is to continue to be the most free and prosperous country in the world, then the Freedom Foundation must win its fight against government unions. They have already been able to help hundreds of thousands of public employees to leave their unions, forcing union bosses into early retirement.” —Nigel Farage


Critical race theory. Defunding the police. Closing down schools and keeping our children’s faces forever masked.

What do these “woke” policies have in common? They are pushed and funded by government unions, which are the primary bankroller of the leftist causes that are growing Big Government and destroying American public education.

The Freedom Foundation, a self-described “battle tank,” is dedicated to eliminating the pernicious influence of these unions.

The Freedom Foundation’s CEO, Aaron Withe, is an English-born former college basketball player who is now dunking for American liberty. In Freedom Is the Foundation, Withe gives an insider account of his organization’s always aggressive, sometimes controversial, and undeniably successful campaign to recapture America from government unions.

Taking advantage of a recent landmark US Supreme Court decision, the Freedom Foundation has helped liberate hundreds of thousands of government workers from their unions, saving them an average of $1,100 in yearly dues and depriving the unions of hundreds of millions of dollars—and rising—that would otherwise have been spent promoting radical causes and candidates.

Blending frontline reporting with inspiring stories of courageous men and women who are standing up for their rights, Freedom Is the Foundation is both a roadmap to recovering freedom in America and a stirring account of how dedicated patriots are taking on—and intending to defeat—the most powerful lobby for wokeness and Big Government bullying in America.