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Fraud and Fiction: The Real Truth Behind ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’


The media obsession with Donald Trump is not new, but it shifted into high gear sometime in 2016 and transformed into a full-blown, demented, Ahab-like crusade immediately after Trump’s stunning electoral victory. In their mania to prove that Trump is not “normal” and to provide ammunition for the increasingly hysterical “resistance,” the media has tossed out any remaining semblance of objectivity and professionalism—becoming a mouthpiece for even the most ridiculous anti-Trump rumors and conjecture.

The most extreme example of this feverish journalism is the bestselling book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. In a normal time, a book like this would not even find a publisher, let alone lead its author to national media stardom. But in an atmosphere where anything that paints the president in a negative light is reported as gospel, Fire author Michael Wolff has become the prophet of the liberal resistance…and all of the obvious untruths in the book are ignored or explained away.

Now journalist Eddie Scarry collects and systematically debunks the worst errors, falsehoods, and silly innuendo spread throughout Wolff’s exhausting tome—making Fraud and Fiction a must-read for anyone who still values objective journalism and truth.