Frank & Marilyn: The Lives, the Loves, and the Fascinating Relationship of Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe


Frank Sinatra! Marilyn Monroe! Never before teamed in a book, yet theirs was a seven-year friendship and on-and-off intimate relationship shrouded in secrecy and fraught with danger.

Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe—here is the first book to bring these two all-American icons together. Their friendship and on-and-off intimate relationship, kept secret because of powerful others in their lives, spanned seven tumultuous years. At one point, he even proposed marriage.

In Frank & Marilyn, we follow Sinatra and Monroe from one explosive relationship to another, their marriages and love affairs eventually leading to a tangled relationship with each other, sparking a nasty rivalry between Frank and Marilyn’s ex-husband (and one-time friend of Frank), Joe DiMaggio.

Frank and Marilyn’s ultimately disastrous relationship with John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert, and their often ruthless family was a fatal move for Marilyn. Her death remains a controversial topic to the present day.

Dedicated biographer and entertainment world insider Edward Z. Epstein has spoken with many people who were familiar with the pair, all of whom talked about the Frank and Marilyn they knew—and the dangers they faced. It’s a fascinating, largely untold story that’s usually glossed over…until now.