Four Seasons at Cutler’s


Serial dater Charlotte believes she has finally found her soulmate in Wyatt, but his elusive behavior leads her to question his feelings for her. Completely devoted to him, she desperately tries to sustain their relationship while navigating a demanding public relations career. When Charlotte meets Travis, her new boss, he offers a reprieve from the doldrums caused by Wyatt’s mixed signals. Dating the owner of the restaurant group who recently acquired her company in a hostile takeover is a conflict of interest, but she can’t resist his Southern charm. Until Wyatt resurfaces…

This neurodivergent love triangle takes place during a whirlwind year of travel—both for business and for pleasure—as Charlotte faces challenges and self-discovery in vibrant destinations including Dubai, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Boston, Houston, East Hampton, and Park City. Escaping her tiny studio apartment in New York City, she visits her family in Southern California and enjoys romantic interludes in Cannes, Florence, Sirmione, Toronto, Puerto Rico, and Santa Barbara.

Four Seasons at Cutler’s is a romantic comedy about falling in love with someone who communicates differently than those smooth operators who appear perfect.