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Focused: The Prepared to Win Mindset


The creator of the #1 professional and personal development program in professional sports reveals his winning playbook for unleashing your Godgiven potential. 

At 5’6″ and from a small town in Iowa, JJ Moses recognized that his childhood dream of playing in the NFL was a long shot. To overcome the overwhelming odds, he knew he needed to be prepared for any opportunity God sent his way. Still, it took a disappointing start to his college football career for a switch to finally flip. What followed was the creation of an integrative method so trailblazing and effective that it propelled him to seemingly impossible heights of success. In fact, Moses not only became a seasoned pro on the gridiron’s grandest stage, but he also realized that the same process he used to get a competitive edge could help others embrace their own winning mindset.

When his playing days were over, Moses brought the “Prepare to Win” program to his former NFL team’s front office, where it quickly evolved into the league’s gold standard curriculum for motivating players to exceed their potential and become effective leaders. Thoughtfully weaving professional insight with emotional and spiritual guidance, Moses has now tailored his step-by-step strategy for a wide audience, unlocking the previously untold secrets to consistent high performance. As much for aspiring leaders as experienced executives, Focused is the blueprint for taking yourself, your team, and your community to the next level.