Fighting for My Life: A Memoir about a Mother’s Loss and Grief

By Mia St. John, Elaine Aradillas

Mia St. John, a determined and focused five-time world champion boxer, valiantly fought a string of adversaries outside the ring while desperately trying to keep her family together. And just when you think she can’t take another punch to the gut, she’s handed her final blow.

Mia St. John has always been on top of her game. A five-time world champion boxer known as The Knockout because of her ability to level any opponent charging toward her, Mia spent two decades in the spotlight transforming her body into the ultimate fighting machine. But what most people don’t know is that outside the ring, she was battling a lifetime of demons while struggling to keep her family together.

Born to a Mexican mother and white father, she spent her young life feeling like an outsider while growing up in Idaho. She fled to California as soon as she was eighteen and left behind the abuse that came with an alcoholic father. Determined to show everyone she was a champion, Mia moved to Los Angeles to follow her dreams—and ended up meeting the love of her life, television star Kristoff St. John. Together, they created a beautiful family with their children, Julian and Paris, while doing their best to battle their own bouts with addiction.

Mia’s memoir takes readers through her odyssey of grief and despair, but always the fighter, Mia gets up once again and shows the world how to face another day with dignity and determination to live the best life possible.