Faith’s Answer to America’s Political Crisis: How Religion Can Help Us Out of the Mess We’re in


Can the faith in God that most Americans share help us out of the political mess we’re in?

As both a religiously observant person and a veteran of forty years in elective office, Senator Joe Lieberman is uniquely prepared to answer this question. In fact, he is the first person with political experience to pose and answer such a question in response to the current crisis of political division and governmental dysfunction in America.

Lieberman breaks down the causes of our political problems—including partisanship, incivility, and refusal to compromise—and then describes what the monotheistic faith that Christians, Jews, and Muslims share calls on us to do to overcome those problems.

He directs this appeal to members of Congress and the White House; leaders of the news and entertainment industry, who have such a large influence on our values and political behavior; and members of the clergy, who need to be leaders of a new Religious Awakening in America.

This book will provide a totally different way to look at American politics and government. It will open your mind and heart and give you hope for a better, more united future for our country.