Enablon and Me: When the Sustainable Software Company Met an Unsustainable Old Man


Business tips for working warriors.

Has work got you down? Wondering whether you’ll ever attain the success you dreamed of? Curious about your own perception of success?

Treat yourself to Enablon and Me, just the sidesplitting pick-me-up you need to change your perspective on work and maybe even on life. There is solid business advice in this madcap romp that follows the exploits of this old software guy who transitions from Motorola—a huge US-based company—to a tiny French operation called Enablon. Never taking himself too seriously, Tom Barr offers strategic gems on surviving a layoff, interviewing, acclimating to totally new work environments, working with and managing people, and always focusing on customer satisfaction. Each insight is delivered through hilarious real-life episodes that will have you simultaneously belly-laughing, nodding, and taking notes. An utter tour de force on how to enjoy fun-filled business success!