Elizabeth Warren: How Her Presidency Would Destroy the Middle Class and the American Dream


Elizabeth Warren is a progressive radical explicitly running on the most anti-American concepts and policies any candidate has ever run on—and may very well be the next President of the United States.

Extreme candidates are nothing new in American politics, but very rarely do candidates as extreme as Elizabeth Warren have such a talent for presenting radically dangerous policy ideas as if they are compatible with the American experiment. An increasing number of far-left progressives have worked their way into the upper echelons of Democratic Party leadership, but none have generated the college campus enthusiasm and media coddling that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has created. Yet what belies this Harvard professor’s quirky but compelling presentation style are ideas that, as recently as the Obama presidency, were considered far too radical for American life. Worse, the essence of Warren’s platform undermines the economic groups she most claims to want to aid—the frustrated middle class often on the outside of American prosperity looking in. Far from offering the middle class a life line, an Elizabeth Warren presidency represents the greatest threat to the American dream our nation has ever faced.