Digging Dave Brubeck and Time Out!


An affectionate examination of legendary jazz pianist Dave Brubeck and his iconic 1959 album, Time Out!

Propelled by the unlikely hit “Take Five,” the pianist’s 1959 classic Time Out! was the first jazz album to earn platinum status, making it one of only eight platinum records in jazz history. Born as an experiment in time signatures and eclectic musical styles the artist encountered while traveling abroad, Time Out!moved the genre forward and became one of the most influential albums of all time.

What was it about this subtle, artsy session that captured the ears of both hardcore jazz fans and casual listeners alike? Why did Brubeck, a bespectacled intellectual who seemingly wasn’t as hip as Davis and Coltrane, become a legitimate mainstream star in a genre not known for stardom?

Author and bassist Alan Goldsher delves into Brubeck’s classic record, examining why the album and the pianist caught the zeitgeist, and measuring its continuing impact on music of all styles. Engaging and informative, Digging Dave Brubeck and Time Out! pays homage to one of the most vital, most enduring recordings in jazz history.