Cultural Intelligence in the 21st Century: Driving Inclusion, Revenue, and ESG


Discover how leadership, cultural intelligence, and inclusion coalesce to create preeminent global leaders and organizations while driving revenue, inclusion, and ESG.

If you are a CEO, global leader, or part of a global organization, you can revolutionize every part of your business by raising your cultural intelligence. Cultural Intelligence in the 21st Century explores nine crucial cultural competencies that will transform every part of your business, including:

  • how you drive inclusion, revenue, and ESG
  • how you lead global teams for better results
  • how you increase sales and operational performance
  • how you communicate across cultures
  • how you build relationships and trust in other countries

In recent years, organizations have become fixated on raising Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) because they recognize that the Millennial and Z generations are largely focused on investing in companies that better align with their personal philosophies. Global 2000 companies know this and are redirecting much of their focus to ESG in order to make their organizations more attractive to employees and investors.

The “S” in ESG isn’t only about social equity; it’s about understanding the importance of how other countries conduct business. Did you know you can solve both at the same time while having a transformative financial impact on your organization? How can you build a globally inclusive culture in an organization where everyone feels seen, heard, and respected if you don’t understand how cultures communicate, build relationships and trust, and show respect differently? You can learn the cultural competencies to do business in other countries in order to create a more inclusive environment within a global organization, which qualifies as a metric within the ESG rating. Cultural Intelligence in the 21st Century gives you the competencies you need to do this.