Creative Insecurity: Lean Into the Unknown and Unleash Your Inner Misfit

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Creative Insecurity is a serial entrepreneur’s wisdom on embracing the unknown and bravely asking the question: “What am I missing?”

Is insecurity positive or negative? Answer: It’s both. While fear-based toxic insecurity can undo even the brightest leaders, your strongest position comes from leaning into creative insecurity.  This is the mindset of all who run contrary to the crowd and create what has never existed before. It means getting comfortable with discomfort, propelling an off-balance state into forward motion, and mitigating risk.

James M. Sweeney is a serial entrepreneur who started multiple companies that sold for billions, changed healthcare in America, and saved countless lives. Today, he mentors startup founders and other professionals in the art of failing your way to success. In this book, he will show you how to reframe anxiety and uncertainty into excitement for new beginnings. You will also learn the timeless wisdom of holding three crucial traits in balance: vision, humility, and the no-quit gene.

Creative Insecurity is for big thinkers who are restless where they are. Do you have the vision to see over the horizon to sense what’s coming next? Do you have an insatiable drive to improve, while others accept the status quo? Do you have an unquenched creative spark? If so, then this book is for you. Actionable insights and compelling examples will help you empower your inner misfit and realize that being different is a strength.

Discover why being first is more important than being right, why you should never marry a mistake, and why you should concentrate on the most prestigious target in your field.