Coup d’État: Exposing Deep State Treason and the Plan to Re-Elect President Trump


“This is…the most important book I have ever written.”—Jerome R. Corsi

The Deep State isn’t finished trying to destroy President Donald Trump—they’ve only just begun.

Coup d’Etat blows the lid off the Deep State’s efforts to prevent the Trump presidency, disrupt his agenda, and prevent his reelection. In this book you’ll learn:

  • The truth behind Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel baseless investigation.
  • The identity of the Trump cabinet member who proposed wearing a wire to take down Trump.
  • How the FBI entrapped members of the Trump team—and how they unsuccessfully tried the same with Corsi.
  • How the Democratic establishment faked evidence of Russian interference.
  • The truth behind Julian Assange’s arrest, and what the Deep State wants to prevent him from exposing.
  • How the FBI abused FISA law to spy on Trump—and how they tried to hide it.
  • Mueller’s continued coverup that the media refuses to report.

This is the book the Deep State and the media don’t want you to read.