Confessions of a Chaos Whisperer: My Life as an Organizing Guru, Business Owner, and Mom


What defines the real value of an object? Is it merely the price tag, or is there something more profound, a precious memory or sentiment that infuses it with meaning? Do our priceless treasures anchor or liberate us?

In her debut memoir, Confessions of a Chaos Whisperer, New York City’s premier clutter-clearing connoisseur Sonya Weisshappel shares whimsical stories and hard-learned life lessons from three decades of moving homes, managing a business, and muddling through mistakes—all while trying to maintain her sanity. Embracing vulnerability, she bravely and candidly opens up about her early challenges, such as losing her father at a tender age and discovering her dyslexia, profoundly shaping her perspective and determination to help others.

Since establishing Seriatim Inc. in 1999, Weisshappel has dedicated herself to guiding individuals through arduous and emotional life transitions. Whether it’s managing the complexities of renovation, maneuvering a cross-country move, downsizing a senior household member, or coping with the loss of a loved one and their estate, her expertise and compassion have become well-known and distinguished within the relocation community. Applying simple, practical solutions and unshakable empathy, Weisshappel helps her clients find comfort, clarity, and a sense of renewal amidst life’s most difficult and disorderly moments.