Collaboration Code: How Men Lead Culture Change and Nurture Tomorrow’s Leaders

By Carol Vallone Mitchell, Eric Solomon Ph.D.

A unique blueprint for men to become collaborative leaders crucial for company success.

There is an unspoken crisis plaguing the workplace today: male leadership. Male leadership has become synonymous with reinforcing male stereotypes of dominance, aggression, independence, and resoluteness. These leadership behaviors promote a toxic workplace culture and negative outcomes. Moreover, in today’s economy, collaboration is key. We are in a technology and services age that depends on optimized teamwork and innovation. Today’s leaders require non-stereotypical male traits, such as nurturing, empathizing, and inclusive decision-making. It is a moment of change—big change—for men in the workplace.

How do men weather the storms of cultural change as it plays out in our work environments? How do men lead effectively and build healthy professional relationships and healthier work cultures? How do men blend feminine-associated characteristics into their leadership style while maintaining their masculinity? How do men lead collaboratively as men?

Collaboration Code:

  • Describes a portfolio of behaviors that successful collaborative male leaders have in common.
  • Shares executives’ stories of nurturing top performance in individuals, teams, and their organizations by leading collaboratively.
  • Reveals how men develop and demonstrate empathy, humility, and respect.
  • Shows how collaborative male leaders make excellent mentors—particularly for women.

Collaboration Code provides a roadmap for what male leadership could and should be. It empowers men to be their best selves, stretch beyond stereotypes, and lead inclusively.