Cocomania: How Coco Gauff Won the US Open and Became America’s Next Great Tennis Superstar


At the lowest point of her tennis career, Coco Gauff learned she didn’t need to be perfect to become a US Open champion.

From the moment she picked up a tennis racquet, Coco Gauff was destined for greatness. Her parents believed so strongly in her future, they turned their lives upside down to make sure she had every opportunity to play the game she loved. One of the world’s most prominent coaches thought so highly of Coco’s talent, he brought her to train in France before she was even old enough for high school. And when she reached the fourth round at Wimbledon as a fifteen-year-old, she beat her idol Venus Williams in the first round, becoming an international sensation in the blink of an eye.

But the road from teenage tennis prodigy to Grand Slam champion isn’t easy. As Coco started her journey on the Women’s Tennis Association Tour she found it difficult to deal with the expectations of becoming America’s next superstar. She also struggled to beat the top players in the game—number one ranked Iga Świątek most of all.

To break through and become a Grand Slam champion, Coco had to overcome disappointments, criticisms, and a loss of confidence in her game. This is the story of how perseverance, self-belief, and a willingness to try new things led to a historic run of success in the summer of 2023 that culminated with a US Open title.