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City of Angles


Acclaimed playwright Jonathan Leaf makes his debut as a novelist with this fast-paced mystery thriller. This is the novel all of Hollywood is talking about.

Over the last fifteen years, Jonathan Leaf has become one of America’s most respected playwrights and critics. City of Angles, his debut novel, is a mystery set in Hollywood. It is a portrait of a city and a business–the movie industry–going through immense change.

At the periphery of the industry are two people trying to scale its walls: screenwriter Billy Rosenberg and would-be starlet Vincenza Morgan. Vincenza is trying to piece together a puzzle: how did one of Hollywood’s biggest stars wind up dead in her trunk? Does this involve the New Age church she’s joined? Or the gangsters running the marijuana dispensary where she works? Or is it the work of something, or someone, else? Realizing that only Billy can be trusted to help her, Vincenza turns to him, and soon their fortunes become entwined.