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Charade: The Covid Lies That Crushed A Nation



The Coronavirus crisis led to the most extreme and widespread suspension of constitutional freedoms in American history, despite being based on myths and lies.

From the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis in March of 2020, the media and politicians engaged in myths, half-truths, and even flat-out lies to bring about obedience from the populace. Charade tackles these myths one by one, laying bare the brazen power grab by governors, experts, and corporations all seeking to bend the American people to their will. David Marcus combines his reporting on the Coronavirus crisis with a cultural deep dive into how those in power used the emergency to consolidate power and change the very concept of American freedoms. Government, media, advertisers, and scientists all sought to set an agenda to strip Americans of their rights. From church attendance to running a business, right down to how many people can be in a private home, few rights were left wholly unchecked. What’s worse is that any challenge to the holy laws of lockdowns were criticized and censored as dangerous and deadly speech. The question that remains is whether Americans will ever allow this to happen again.

Now the lies of 2020 can be revealed. No, Americans weren’t all in it together. It was not as simple as “trust the science.” Donald Trump was not a villain, Andrew Cuomo was not a hero, and lockdowns did vastly more harm than good. As America awakens from the nightmare of the Coronavirus crisis, it must learn lessons from it—but the first step is an honest accounting of all the rank dishonesty.