Celebritocracy: The Misguided Agenda of Celebrity Politics in a Postmodern Democracy


Here’s the truth behind the celebrity causes you thought you knew.

Celebritocracy delves into celebrity activism while tearing apart most of the highly publicized charitable and activist efforts of your favorite celebrities. Why did George Clooney back off of Darfur? How did Oprah’s attempt to help Katrina victims go terribly wrong? While Kim Kardashian has done great things for criminal justice reform, did her activism on behalf of Armenian genocide set the cause back decades? And did you know that the famed Dodd-Frank Act has a small bit of pork barrel politics wedged into it—urged on by actress Robin Wright—that put thousands of lives in jeopardy in the DRC?

Celebritocracy exposes nonfictional accounts of the many instances when celebrity activism ended up causing more harm than good.