Cat Selfies


Escape into a world of cat closeups, meme humor, and kitty-centric trivia that will have you twirling your whiskers.

Ever wonder what cats are thinking behind their gaze? So do we, and despite our best efforts, this book won’t answer that question. But it will make you smile, laugh, and squeeze your kitty a little tighter.

A must-have for every cat lover, Cat Selfies blends hilarious cat closeups and surprising feline trivia. Can a single litter of kittens have multiple fathers? Was a Connecticut cat once placed under house arrest? Do cats really hold grudges? All these questions and many, many more are answered within, plus buckets of cuteness and cattitude behind every page turn.

And did we mention that all fifty-plus cats featured were rescued? At the time they were photographed, each of these beauties was either in search of a forever home or recently placed in one, reinforcing what we all know—Adoption is Always the Best Option.

So, let your curiosity be your guide and escape into the funny and delightful world of Cat Selfies.