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Capitol of Freedom: Restoring American Greatness

By Shonda Werry, Senator Mike Lee

As progressives reject the Constitution to implement their socialist agenda, Congressman Ken Buck argues that we must reclaim our heritage of liberty by applying the principles we learn through the U.S.Capitol’s art, architecture, and artifacts.

Progressives in Washington have big plans. Plans to take over every part of the U.S.economy and manage Americans’ lives. Embracing the Green New Deal, abolishing the electoral college, promoting late term abortion, and implementing socialism are just a few of the progressives’ latest attempts to remake America. In the process, they abandon the Constitution and our individual liberties. Congressman Ken Buck argues that every American should rediscover our nation’s unique freedom story.

This book tells the story of how our nation’s founders carefully designed a political system that would guard against tyranny and protect individual liberty. Using the Capitol and its features as the backdrop, Buck shows how our heritage as a free people is woven into every institution in America, and how progressives are attempting to undermine individual liberty. The book offers clear recommendations for steps liberty-minded Americans can take to reverse the progressives’ damaging course.

For all who are willing to listen, the Capitol speaks, showing how conservatives can halt the progressives’ plans, preserve our remaining freedoms, and reclaim what we’ve lost.