Brooklyn Thomas Isn’t Here


Her best friend is missing, her career is a disaster, she’s stuck living with her parents, and now her heart isn’t beating.

Can Brooklyn Thomas confront her past to save her present?

Summer is off to a bad start and getting worse. Brooklyn Thomas is pretty sure she’s mostly dead. She can’t feel her heart beat and she’s disappearing: her reflection keeps vanishing from mirrors. No one else seems to notice. Not her coworkers at the artisanal doughnut shop she works at after failing at her high-paying marketing job. Not her crush, whom she keeps humiliating herself in front of. Not her parents, whose basement suite she’s stuck living in now that she can’t afford rent anymore. To top it all off, she’s hallucinating actresses from her favorite TV shows who want Brooklyn to pull herself together and face the truth about what happened to her career, her best friend, and her relationship with her brother.

As her past collides with her present in painful and unexpected ways, Brooklyn must decide if she’s strong enough to confront what haunts her and get a second chance at a real life—before mostly dead turns into actually dead.

Brooklyn Thomas Isn’t Here explores how women contort and minimize themselves to fit the roles society and family offer them, and the serious price they pay for doing so.