Brand Up: The Ultimate Playbook for College & Career Success in the Digital World


If you want to beat the competition when preparing for college and career success, Brand Up is the one book you need to stand up, stand out, and succeed.

Brand Up is the modern playbook that equips teens with strategies and tools to succeed in high school, college, and their first job. It’s packed with sage advice, practical tips and templates, and in-depth skill-building guidance for networking, interviewing, entrepreneurship, and social media. It’s essential to stand out in our increasingly connected, cluttered, and competitive world. Any teen would be remiss not to read Brand Up—no other workbook on the market helps readers build a positive personal brand and digital footprint, along with real-life skills, early on. Veteran marketer Stacey Ross Cohen’s guidance helps readers craft a personal brand to successfully navigate classrooms, college admissions offices, internships, and even board rooms.

The Brand-Up Difference:
• Identify your superpower(s) and develop a strong point of difference to stand out in a sea of sameness
• Be proactive about managing your online presence and leverage social media to achieve academic and career goals
• Develop real-world skills (networking, interviewing, entrepreneurship, empathy) for a bright future