Born to Be Brave: How to Be a Part of America’s Spiritual Comeback


What if the present cultural setback is really a divine setup for a spiritual comeback?

Ungodly forces have devastated American culture. The family of faith is feeling intimidated and fearful. Worse, many of us think that nothing can be done about it—that society will inevitably get worse.

Actor, producer, and conservative activist Kirk Cameron says this hopelessness is completely misplaced. God has given His faithful followers a birthright of courage. If we choose to live in this bravery, we will realign the nation with Christian values.

With biblical insights and true stories of individuals who acted bravely out of love for God and others, Born to Be Brave equips us to:

  • stop thinking our opponents are too big for us to overcome and start seeing our culture as something we are called to mold.
  • recognize the Christian backstory of America and see how this gives us direction for the future.
  • understand that politics needs the gospel, because real change requires heart transformation.
  • hold on to our God-given compassion for others, even when we face backlash and opposition.
  • boldly engage friends, family, and the community with gospel truths that affect all of society.

If we’re going to change the nation and the world, we need to move beyond paralyzed outrage and start acting with courage and confidence. God is already on the move, and we can be a part of the big things He is doing. Because we were born to be brave.