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Borderless by Design: The Democrats’ Plan for One-Party Rule, and How It Aids and Abets America’s Enemies, from Soros and Davos Man to China and the Mexican Drug Cartels


Congressman Troy Nehls exposes the dark connection between the Democrats’ destruction of our border to gain permanent political power and America’s enemies out to destroy our nation.

In his previous book The Big Fraud, Congressman Troy Nehls exposed the deep corruption perpetrated by the Democrats in the 2020 election. Now, in Borderless by Design, he examines what’s really happening with the Biden administration’s destruction of America’s southern border. The Democrats and their deep-state supporters want to cement permanent political power in Washington, DC. Having turned their backs on their traditional voters (middle-class, blue-collar Americans), the Democrats have a desperate need to replenish their voter base. That’s why the Biden administration, purposely acting against the Constitution and our country’s laws, is flooding our border with illegals. Regardless of the harm done to America and to illegals themselves, Democrats consider the power grab worth the “collateral damage.” If that weren’t bad enough, the Democrats’ open-border policies also aid and abet those who are trying to destroy America—from George Soros and “Davos Man” to China and the Mexican drug cartels.