Black Resilience: The Blueprint for Black Triumph in the Face of Racism


Black Resilience provides powerful strategies for success and empowerment, answering a critical question for the Black community: where do we go from here?

This once-in-a-generation book embodies stories and experiences shared by the author—Braeden Anderson—a former high-major NCAA athlete who overcame childhood abuse, homelessness, and severe racism to become an attorney at the world’s largest law firm and a successful entrepreneur.

Black Resilience empowers and equips the reader with the strategy to win against any odds and triumph in the face of life’s greatest challenges.

Racism can be as loud and resounding as a gunshot, or as quiet and inconspicuous as being laid off. Whether it’s hidden or apparent, we will not escape it without taking action. We—Black people—have the power to effect positive change in our lives and our communities. Black Resilience shows us how.

Readers will get an honest, empowering roadmap to address concerns ranging from asserting your identity, the dichotomy of inclusion, employing empathy, and transcending learned helplessness, to the challenge and triumph of Black parenthood. They’ll learn how to deploy what the author calls our “covert operation of tact,” and they’ll see that everyone—Blacks and whites alike—must build one community.

Black Resilience represents a tactful and dynamic ideology that belongs in the hands of every reader who is ready to receive the solution for beating racism…for good.